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Think Works Productions is pleased to present our ever popular WORKING THE PIECES workshop series for budding entrepreneurs. Whatever your reason for starting a business of your own, getting your new venture launched can seem like a daunting task.

We can help! 

Unlike boring seminars where you simply listen to someone speak, our presentation is made in an exciting interactive workshop manner. Our workshops are designed for beginners like you who may have lots of questions. Unfortunately many fail to get answers to their questions because they believe the questions may seem unintelligent and would be embarrassing to ask.

As we see it, there are no dumb questions and we encourage participants to ask lots of them. Sometimes, seemingly dumb questions can spark the most brilliant solutions!

To be sure that your questions are answered, we will request questions to be written anonymously that we will then read aloud and address. For those who wish to develop their public speaking skills, we also invite them to stand up and address the class directly.

Learning should be fun! 
Numerous studies indicate that people learn more quickly and retain their new information longer when the learning process takes place in a pleasant and informal atmosphere. 

Our Think Works process integrates both the creative “right brain” and the pragmatic, logical-thinking “left brain” into a cooperative learning experience.

We have found that providing an environment that stimulates the fun-seeking and creative aspects of the right brain while satisfying the left brain’s need for facts, figures, and logical purpose is the most effective means of learning.

We strive to present a workshop where learning is fun!

What will you learn?

This is a workshop for newbies, and as such we will focus on the basics.
Mission Statement - Can you as the entrepreneur succinctly state your business goals? Without a clear vision of what you are trying to accomplish, you are probably wandering around and missing opportunities because you don’t know whether or not the opportunities even fit within your visions or goals.
Business Plans – You’ve got to have a good plan for how you will be accomplishing your goals in the business. Hazy goals produce hazy results. Writing a good business plan is vitally important to achieving your goals. A good plan includes not only of numbers and spreadsheets, it should also include a plain language text format to explain what the structure and process is for accomplishing the business’s goals.
Entity Selection – You will receive an overview of the basic entity types with a simple discussion of the comparison and contrast of the main entities. We will also explain the step-by-step order of logistics, i.e. first you file the entity, then you get the business licenses, etc. But,we will take the discussion a step further to explain and compare liability protection and taxation issues involved with each of the entity choices.
Compliance Issues – You can also learn what it takes for your business to be in compliance with federal, state, and local laws which govern business activities. Business licenses, registrations, corporate docs if you have a formal statutory entity, tax filings, and insurance are some of the issues discussed.
Bookkeeping Basics – You must learn the importance of understanding bookkeeping. This is one of the most important ways of measuring your success. Also important is to be able to run reports such as P & L statements, income statements, balance sheets, and financial reporting. This helps with raising capital.

Once you learn the basics of bookkeeping you can hire someone to do this for you. However you need to understand the basic reports that your bookkeeper will provide to you.
Accounting Software – We will introduce you to a few of the main software programs which are typically used by accountants and particular industries.
Employee Concerns - Payroll taxation, employee vs. subcontractor issues, and benefits are other areas of concern to new entrepreneurs. Also learn about developing good employee relations and keeping the good ones.
Insurance/Legal/Banking Needs – Having a good team is paramount to success. Learn how to build a good team by learning the questions to ask and how to interview the people for your team.
Building Business Credit – This is a broad subject which we will touch upon with a basic introduction to building business credit.
Customer Relations – What is the difference between a satisfied customer and a raving fan customer? We'll share the secrets with you. Customer relations is vital to your success and should be addressed as a part of your overall marketing plan. What is your hook? Will you be gaining customers because you have the best price, the best customer service, the best product, or all three?
Branding and Marketing – Marketing is not the same thing as advertising. While advertising is a part of your marketing plan, the marketing plan is more than just advertising. Your logos, your stationary, your colors, your business name, your web presence, your product packaging is all a part of your marketing and branding.
Web Presence – includes blogging, social networking, website, email campaigns. This should be well-thought out and planned before any work is done. Otherwise you risk potentially expensive lessons.

We reveal the "Zen" in bi-Zen-is! 

While it's very important to learn the nuts and bolts mechanics of business formation and operation, we believe there is another element to the success of your business that is being overlooked by many. Like any other endeavor, there is the mental element in the success equation, part of which is your Attitude.

We have all heard that, We Are What We Think. It's not a coincidence that the most successful people utilize mental dynamics to help them focus their thinking to achieve their goals.

Most professional sports figures and Gold Medal Olympians even recruit mental dynamics coaches, hypnotherapists, NLP practitioners, or meditation guides, to help them WIN on the mental level before they ever get into the physical arena of competition. They win the mind game first, then they win on the field or court.

By now most people have heard of the Law of Attraction. It's based on the idea that, What you focus your attention upon will expand.

The concept sounds simple, however, there's a lot of confusion about how it works. There is far more to this seemingly simple Law for gaining the Ultimate Success than is being taught.

While the Law of Attraction is essential to the process of “creating” your future, it is only the first step of four. Without the rest of the steps in the process, you are not likely to achieve the results that you envision.

Whether you understand it or not, we as thinking, self-aware energy create our reality in one of two ways. Either by Default - that is where we are unaware of the process and we allow things to happen to us. This is the process used by most people as they pinball their way through life.

Then there is the Intentional method, where we Make things happen for us. This is the method we recommend.

By learning how to use the other Laws of Intentional Creation, along with the nuts and bolts of business operation, you can learn to put the full Power of Your Creative Mind to work to build the life of your dreams.


Our first Working the Pieces workshop will be held on March 20, 2010 beginning at 10:00 am yada, yada, yada...


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